For any questions please contact:
T: (212)226-7416
Fax DSL: (212)226-7359
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Courier & Delivery service
We specialize in speed and accommodate to your needs.We deliver various packages whether it’s by Foot, Bike, Van, Car, & Truck.

We are a 24/7 business and we’re also open on holidays

Why us?
  • We do business with many different companies from lawyers to fashion designers, photographers etc.
  • We are located in Manhattan, NY
  • We serve in the Tri-state area NJ, CT, & NY
Our delivery process
Once our client has made their order online or over the phone with a Dispatch team-member, their order will go into process mode thus meaning our client will receive an account no. & tracking no. to track package process.Our Dispatch team will receive clients order & send it out to our nearest Courier available depending on the package size. Our Couriers will deliver package to the clients door. Client will be ask to verify their information with the Courier & a signature from client must be provided.